At Aspire Solutions we get results. We have the skills required to customise your accounting and POS systems to work in a way that specifically suits YOUR business.

In addition we will provide the necessary training so that you can continue to maintain your information with ease. For local help throughout Wellington in  XeroMYOB or ANY OTHER SME ACCOUNTING SYSTEM enquire now

“We as accountants are often faced with client accounting situations that involve accounting software that needs more than general knowledge to run smoothly. Although my practice has a high level of knowledge involving accounting and can operate packages such as MYOB efficiently, we acknowledge that having an expert engaged to assist is often a more cost effective solution for clients. 

Aspire Solutions have assisted me on two recent assignments, both needing a high level of accounting knowledge. On one of those assignments we have contracted Aspire Solutions to systemise and document the accounting processes. Aspire Solutions continue with the on-going monthly preparation of the high-end side of the accounting function. 

We are very happy with the quality of their work. We would recommend Aspire Solutions to any organisation that requires accounting support at a high level to complement their external accountant. We look forward to continuing with the working relationship” 

Mike Curtis 
Curtis Mclean Limited


“We would gladly recommend any future client in need of competent MYOB computer training, assistance or advice to contact Aspire Solutions as they will be (like ourselves!) pleasantly surprised at the prompt and professional service they will receive. 

The clear explanations and one-on-one approach have taken the pressure off solving various challenges. Our accounting woes have disappeared since Aspire Solutions has been assisting us.” 

Whakatiki Engineering

” Aspire Solutions has provided excellent service and support throughout the integration of MYOB. Their knowledge and enthusiasm has ensured the project has progressed on time and within budget. A job well done!!!!”

Lester Ronald,  
Service Manager 
LASCOM NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt

“Having undergone considerable growth, we were concerned that the excellent but single user, early version of MYOB would not deliver the strategic information we would need to maximise the results determined within our business plan. 

“We discussed our requirements with Aspire Solutions who had always offered us fantastic service and they were able to respond with various options together with a recommendation – which we have successfully implemented. 

“Our system is now delivering us timely, accurate and reliable information. 

“We have been most impressed with the service, advice, knowledge and availability of Aspire Solutions staff to attend to our needs promptly.  Aspire Solutions is an important partner in our business and we would recommend their services to any business looking at a fully supported turn-key accounting package.”

Mike Roche  
Director Window Cleaning Contractors Ltd


“Aspire Solutions was contracted by Sauce Ltd to set up our MYOB Premier accounting package.   After discovering we needed to have a ‘script’ written to import our US-based Facilities Management programme (fronting the AR) – Aspire Solutions used their network of contacts within NZ to achieve this next challenge. 

“Our company restructured thus giving us 5 businesses to manage, and it was merely a phone call to Aspire Solutions who promptly arrived to assist in completing the set up task. The effectual streamlining of the accounting procedures has enhanced all aspects of our accounts management – this, along with the Aspire Solutions team’s professional manner, attention to detail and supreme  support service makes accounting a pleasant task! 

“Sauce has enjoyed the benefits of the relationship with Aspire Solutions and would gladly recommend them to anyone needing help setting up their business accounting structure.   

“Aspire Solutions made it easy, interesting, fun and with great results!”

David Tingey 
Sauce Post Ltd


“Thanks for the support and training you have given us. This helped us to operate a lot more efficiently and effectively.  Your fees are very reasonable and we consider them an investment that pays immediate dividends. 
The monthly checks you set up enable us to balance our monthly accounts quickly and easily. This frees us up to work on building the business.”

Richard Wright
Drivewright Training Ltd


“The support and services that Webster Drilling has been receiving from Aspire Solutions over the last couple of years which has exceeded my expectations.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and training you have given us and which has enabled our company to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Whilst we have paid for your services it is money which we regard as an investment for the company and which will ultimately reduce the outlay to our chartered accountant.” 

“With your experience and knowledge we have set up ‘monthly checks’ to ensure all accounts are balancing and we are now able to produce and understand reports each month from MYOB, and with this information, answer any questions as they arise from either the company directors or our accountant.  We also have ‘peace of mind’ knowing a member of your team will be able to answer any questions we may have and provide or offer solutions.”

Michelle Gray 
Corporate Services Manager   
Webster Drilling and Exploration LTD


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